Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Stephanie tagged me on her blog, and although I'm doing most of my blogging at Cate's World Kitchen instead of here, I thought it would be fun to answer these questions

1) What are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
The two biggest accomplishments are qualifying for Boston and running my first Ultra (a 50K).

2) What are your running goals for 2011?
I'm not sure yet... I know I want to PR at a couple different distances and run another trail race, but 2010 was the most successful running year of my life so it will be tough to beat.

3) What is your favorite race?
The San Francisco marathon. The weather is perfect, it's not too big, it's well-organized, and you get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge! The fact that I had a huge PR there doesn't hurt either.

4) What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?

5) What was your most embarrassing running moment?
Hmmm. I'm not sure that I have a really embarassing moment.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't even know if anyone still reads this blog, but feel free to answer the questions!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's been a little quiet around here

When I wasn't gainfully employed, it was totally doable (and kind of helped me keep my sanity) writing on two blogs.

But now, with a real job (and a husband with a real job!) I've decided to streamline and combine both blogs. If you haven't checked out my food blog, it's now (typically healthy vegetarian) food PLUS training and races. I may still update this blog from time to time, but if you want to stay up to date with my training for my first ultra (and beyond!) I'll see you over there!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Unpopular (or Popular?) Opinions

Because it's cold and rainy and yes I will go run 20 miles, but indulge me first:

1. Tweeting/talking on your cell phone during a marathon is just weird to me.  I thought the whole point of running a marathon was pushing yourself

2. I will probably own a running skirt in the near future (what? I can't rule out the possibility and everyone keeps telling me how comfortable they are) but I just cannot get behind those matchy-matchy running outfits where everything from hat to shoes is perfectly coordinated

3. If you take a gu during a race, don't drop the packet on the ground unless you're in the middle of an aid station.  The Nike Women's Marathon went along my usual running route and after that weekend there was gel-packet litter EVERYWHERE. Just carry it to a trash can!

4. Running without socks is just better

5. I don't understand the concept of running a race just to finish.  I guess a fun run every now and then can be fun, but if I'm going to the expense of registering for a race, I want to push my hardest, not just finish.  Why settle for being mediocre?  Why not see what you're really capable of?

6. I love race volunteers. Love them.

7. I always complain about how ridiculous it is to get a medal after every marathon and triathlon I do...and yet I just can't bear to get rid of them.

8. I don't think I'll ever buy myself a Garmin (I've run just fine without one for 13 years) but if one happened to be under the Christmas tree this year, I wouldn't be sad.

I'm sure you have unpopular opinions/vents/confessions....Please spill! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My weekend

I DID bake over 120 cupcakes for a wedding on Saturday night. (Really! You can read about it here)  I DID NOT have very much self-control when surrounded by frosting for said cupcakes.

I DID manage to squeeze in a 5 mile run on Saturday before heading to the wedding.  I DID NOT stop at 2 glasses of wine at the wedding like I told myself I should.

Wedding reception with all 80s music + a bunch of friends from college = not the healthiest weekend

I DID have a teeny little hangover on Sunday morning.  I DID NOT run my scheduled 12 miles.  Ooops.

I DID eat donuts (plural) on Sunday morning.  I DID NOT feel guilty about it...until my Boston confirmation popped up in my Inbox on Monday!

In college weekends like this were the norm...and it makes me really happy that they aren't usually like that anymore.   My mileage has been around 30-35 miles a week lately, which I really need to step up so I'm ready for the Pfitz 12/70 plan (which starts at 55 mpw) in January.  I'm also trying to cook more vegan meals because I've found that the fewer animal products I eat, the better I feel.  (I don't think I'll be going completely vegan anytime soon though...give up cheese?  Probably not possible)

Friday, October 22, 2010

50K, here I come

After talking about doing an ultra for months, I took the plunge last night and signed up for my first 50K on December 18.  I'm ridiculously excited!

It won't be easy...there's a total of 5,900 feet of elevation gain
 but it's going to be beautiful running through the Marin Headlands!

Last week my long run was 18 miles, and this week I did back-to-back 10 and 11 miles because I'm trying to get my legs used to running while I'm tired.

A month after the race, I start the Pfitz 12/70 plan for Boston!

What's your next big race?

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm in!

After a VERY stressful 50 minutes, filling out the same form dozens of times only to click submit and end up back on the same page, I received this BEAUTIFUL email

Hard to believe it sold out in less than a day... I have a feeling qualifying is about to get a lot tougher, so I'm glad I made it in when I did!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A running kind of weekend

This weekend has been alllll about the running.

Friday after work Mike and I set off for an 18 mile run.  I've never attempted a long run like that after work, but it went really well, plus it was the longest he's ever run!

Saturday we got up bright and early to volunteer at a trail race in Clayton (Mt. Diablo State Park).  The company that put it on gives you FREE race entry when you volunteer for 5 hours, so it was definitely a good deal.  They're putting on the 50K I'm doing in December so I wanted to check out their operation and I was super impressed!  Everyone was friendly and very into Ultras so it was a cool group of people to be around (and get some great tips on loooong trail runs!)  I was glad I wasn't running that particular race, though...over 8,900 feet of elevation gain over the 50K course sounded intense!

Today we drove down to Pacifica for a 5K with the Dolphin South End Runners.  I LOVE their races because they're so small and laid back!  It was a little rainy but the temperature was perfect for running.  Another club member got this photo of me mid-race... I was feeling good!

The course was out and back on a bike path that went over a big hill and had a ton of switchbacks, so I knew I was probably not going to PR...but Mike did!  He ran 20:33 and I ran 22:31...good for 5th male and 2nd female overall! (Have I mentioned how much I love SMALL races?)

I was pretty excited about my red 2nd place ribbon!  I love that our weekends revolve around running now.