Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where I Run

I've been meaning to take my camera along on more of my runs, but today was the first day I actually made it happen. Here's a little tour of the run up Namsan Mountain!

At the top of the hill, next to they Hyatt, there's a boutique that always has weird window displays. And there's my reflection, taking a picture!

The National Theater of Korea is at the entrance to the park.

A little glimpse of the city on the way up (the air wasn't as hazy as it looks)

Time for a quick stop at the photo island!

I think my house is somewhere down there...

The tower is my final's closer than it looks!

The final ascent is REALLY steep (but only about 200 meters). A lot of the old ladies walk up this part backwards!

And at the get to see the other side of Seoul.

It's was a beautiful 5.75 mile out-and-back, all-uphill then all-downhill run!

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