Monday, August 31, 2009

From my watch...

Dear Cate,

We've had a pretty good relationship over the last year and a half. Yes, there was some awkwardeness when you realized you'd bought a men's watch and your dad had the same one, but fortunately you got over those insecurities pretty quickly. I was there when you ran your 3rd marathon, and when you ran your first race in Korea, and I hope I stick around long enough to see you qualify for Boston!

After your great race on Saturday, I thought you would be pretty confident in your running abilities. I mean, you did place 9th and PR by over a minute and a half. I was happy to be there for you, timing each of those 10 Kilometers.

But, I think it's time you let me go for a few days. This morning, you were far too anxious about your little 4 mile tempo run. You were so stressed out about being too slow, checking your watch every .5 KM, that it seemed like you weren't really enjoying the running like you should have been...after all, it was an absolutely gorgeous morning (plus you were right on pace)! I don't want you to be that stressed on a simple little training run, so I want you to leave me at home for the next couple days.

That means tomorrow, you'll be free to run 3 miles at whatever pace feels right. On Thursday, when you run up Namsan mountain, you won't have to worry about going too slowly up the hill because you won't know how long it's taking. And this weekend, you'll enjoy your 10 mile run a lot more without me than you would if you were constantly checking the time.

I'm just doing what I think is best for you, so maybe on your tempo run next week, you won't stress so much, and you'll just enjoy the running.

With love,
Your Watch


  1. I love this! Sometimes it is good to just run and feel great during the run than to be worried about your time.

    Enjoy your freedom this week! :-)

  2. Very cute! And what a wise watch!;)

  3. I am constantly looking at my watch and being constantly reminded how slow I am. I did ditch my iPod the other day not by choice but the battery died. I enjoyed my run much more and was actually able to say hi to othe runners! Maybe it's time to ditch the watch on occasion as well.

  4. Wise watch. I have the feeling you will be BQ-ing someday very soon!