Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh hello, legs

I thought that 7.5 mile run yesterday was easy and I'd feel fine today, but my legs are definitely a little sore. I seriously used to run 10 miles like it was nothing? Ugh...oh well, I'm getting back there.

I loosened out the legs a little on the run to the gym, which was nice. I lifted for back and biceps today, which meant:

3 sets each

Bicep curls with dumbells

Standing rows

Cable curls (with rope attachment)

Lat pulldowns

and some reverse crunches, crunches on the ball, and back extensions to keep the core in shape.

I'm planning on 5.5 miles with some 1 km intervals tomorrow, but if the legs are still this sore, I'll just do the whole distance at an easy pace.

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