Monday, June 21, 2010

I survived 55!

My highest volume training week (55 miles!!) is over, and it went amazingly well!  I have SO much more confidence leading up to this marathon than I have for any other.  I also can't believe I'll be tapering in just 2 weeks. 

How the week shaped up:
Monday - 20 minute yoga podcast + abs
Tuesday - 6.5 miles recovery (9:12 min/mile)
Wednesday - 12.3 miles (8:38 min/mile)
Thursday - 20 minute yoga podcast
Friday - 12 miles w/ 7 LT (5 @ 8:15 min/mile; 7 @ 7:35 min/mile)
Saturday - 5 miles recovery (9:17 min/mile)
Sunday - 20 miles (8:46 min/mile)

Total: 55.8 miles 

I've noticed my recovery runs have been getting slower, but my long runs and LT workouts are feeling a LOT better, and I'm able to keep a better pace than I used to.  I think I used to push too hard in recovery runs, which kind of defeats the whole purpose!

And now I'm off to bed...800s in the morning!


  1. I'm speechless! can't wait to see how you do at your race! you are going to rock it for sure!

  2. AWESOME job!!!! slow recovery runs are key to those high mileage weeks... you really notice it in the tough workouts if you keep those recovery runs where they are supposed to be. keep up the awesome work!

  3. yay for 55! That is a pretty big peak week. It is all downhill from here. Good luck!