Monday, June 28, 2010

One week closer

Not too much to say other than I'm now under 4 weeks away from the marathon! 

I got some great workouts in this week but also had some pretty big mental struggles.  There were a couple days in there I just did not feel like hitting the road.  Of course, I know that's not an option, and the fact that I refuse to run when it's dark usually sets a deadline for me that I HAVE to start running before.

I was supposed to do a 8K-15K race on Saturday but couldn't find one near me, so I headed to an 8 mile loop (no stoplights!) that is used as the course for a race every Thanksgiving.  When I last ran the actual race, I ran just under 64 minutes, so my goal was to beat that, and I did! I pushed myself pretty hard and ran it in 1 hour and 13 seconds.  Of course, I was pretty tired on Sunday, but my husband agreed to run the last 10 of my scheduled 17 miles with me, and that made it a lot more fun.

Summary of the week:
Monday - 90 minute Vinyasa yoga class
Tuesday - 8 miles w/ 4 x 800 (3:11, 3:13, 3:12, 3:11)
Wednesday - 11 miles @ 8:19 min/mile
Thursday - REST!
Friday - 5 miles (8:23 min/mile) + 6 x 100 M strides
Saturday - 10 miles w/ 8 @ 7:31 min/mile
Sunday - 17.1 miles @ 8:47 min/mile

Total - 51.1 miles

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