Sunday, June 6, 2010

In a funk

This week I kind of fell off the training wagon.  Fortunately,  this was the week with lower mileage, so I didn't miss out on any totally crucial workouts, but I still feel kind of defeated.

Here's a little look at what the training plan said vs. what really happened:
Monday - Pfitz: Rest or Cross train (I rested)
Tuesday - Pfitz: Rest or Cross train (I rode the stationary bike for 45 minutes, followed by 25 minutes of lifting)
Wednesday -  Pfitz: 12 miles (I had a REALLY packed day and had to cut this run down to 9.3 miles.  I felt okay and ran it at 8:28 min/mile)
Thursday - Pfitz: Rest or Cross Train (I rested. Again.  Not proud of that, but it happens)
Friday - Pfitz: 9 miles w/ 4 at LT pace (I woke up and felt really stick to my stomach, but wanted to try and tough it out.  I only made it 4 miles because I was feeling so nauseated.  I planned to do the rest of the workout after work, but I was still feeling pretty crappy, so I took it as a sign that my body would rather rest)
Saturday - Pfitz: 5 miles (I bumped this up to 7 miles because I was really low on miles for the week.  It felt good, and I ran it at 8:18 min/mile)
Sunday - Pfitz: 16 miles (I actually did what he said! I ran a 9 mile loop and a 7 mile loop from my house so I could refill my water bottle.  I did the 9 mile loop at 8:51 min/mile and the 7 mile loop at 7:59 pace.)

Total: 36.3 miles

I am glad the weekend seemed to turn things around.  Next week is pretty intense, but I'm feeling a lot better about it now that I've had a couple good runs this weekend.  It's kind of funny that this seems like a really low mileage week, but it's still more than my highest mileage week before LA. I'm definitely in better shape and I'm getting really excited...7 weeks til the San Francisco marathon! 

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