Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My love-hate relationship

A little peek into my brain today:

4:00 PM - Ugh why did I eat that pizza for lunch?  I'm not going to feel like a track workout when I get home

5:00 PM - Huh, I should probably start that run.  But maybe I'll just sit here and stress out about my life for an hour or two

6:00 PM - I'm so over this stupid marathon.  Why did I think it was a good idea?  I think I'm over-trained.  I'm tired. 

6:30 PM - Okay, I'll force myself to go a mile, just so I can get my mileage up to 200 for this month

6:40 PM - Woah, I'm actually kind of feeling okay.  Maybe I'll go to the track and run one mile

6:50 PM [lap 2 of mile] - MY LEGS ARE DEEEAAAADDD.  I'm not even going to look at my watch, holy crap this sucks.  I bet this will be like an 8 minute mile

6:53 PM [end of mile] - What? 6:51? How did I do that?  Maybe I'll try one more

7:00 PM [end of mile 2] - Seriously? 6:43? Is my watch broken?  My legs are almost feeling good.  I guess I'll do the third one.

7:07 [end of mile 3] - 6:29? AWESOME!!!! I LOVE RUNNING!!! I can't wait for the marathon.  Running is my favorite. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!

And there's the roller coaster ride that takes place inside my brain on a daily basis.  Good times.


  1. Yep, I can totally relate, except the 6 something miles. I will never see that, but it's all relative. Way to get it done! Nice1

  2. Love this post. So true, the crazy ups and downs of a runner!