Friday, October 22, 2010

50K, here I come

After talking about doing an ultra for months, I took the plunge last night and signed up for my first 50K on December 18.  I'm ridiculously excited!

It won't be easy...there's a total of 5,900 feet of elevation gain
 but it's going to be beautiful running through the Marin Headlands!

Last week my long run was 18 miles, and this week I did back-to-back 10 and 11 miles because I'm trying to get my legs used to running while I'm tired.

A month after the race, I start the Pfitz 12/70 plan for Boston!

What's your next big race?


  1. Wow, that is quite the course! Should be fun though!!

    I need to sign up for something.... at the moment I'm kind of goal-less... well other than Boston in April that is.

  2. Not a big race but I plan on running a 5k in December with my parents. And I'm still on the fence about which marathon I want to do next year: Cape Cod or Mount Desert Island.

    Good luck on the 50k!! That's amazing!

  3. so exciting!!! that was actually my first trail race ever last year, I did the tiny short one though :) ahhh maybe I will have to come out again and then cheer you on!

    I am planning on using Pfitz 12/70 for Boston too!!!! we are going to have to do some runs together :) but seriously need to before then!

  4. Wow--good for you! I want to do a 50k one of these days, but need to convince myself I can. Good luck with the training.