Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Unpopular (or Popular?) Opinions

Because it's cold and rainy and yes I will go run 20 miles, but indulge me first:

1. Tweeting/talking on your cell phone during a marathon is just weird to me.  I thought the whole point of running a marathon was pushing yourself

2. I will probably own a running skirt in the near future (what? I can't rule out the possibility and everyone keeps telling me how comfortable they are) but I just cannot get behind those matchy-matchy running outfits where everything from hat to shoes is perfectly coordinated

3. If you take a gu during a race, don't drop the packet on the ground unless you're in the middle of an aid station.  The Nike Women's Marathon went along my usual running route and after that weekend there was gel-packet litter EVERYWHERE. Just carry it to a trash can!

4. Running without socks is just better

5. I don't understand the concept of running a race just to finish.  I guess a fun run every now and then can be fun, but if I'm going to the expense of registering for a race, I want to push my hardest, not just finish.  Why settle for being mediocre?  Why not see what you're really capable of?

6. I love race volunteers. Love them.

7. I always complain about how ridiculous it is to get a medal after every marathon and triathlon I do...and yet I just can't bear to get rid of them.

8. I don't think I'll ever buy myself a Garmin (I've run just fine without one for 13 years) but if one happened to be under the Christmas tree this year, I wouldn't be sad.

I'm sure you have unpopular opinions/vents/confessions....Please spill! 


  1. I agree with everyone one of those..except #4. I never wore socks with my running shoes in high school, but I can imagine doing a long run without them. Holy blisters!

    I can't wear the Garmin every workout either. Cool thing to have, but it gets to be information overload and drives me batty.

  2. Love this! Agree that Garmins are not necessary - but they are pretty fun to have!

    Oh - and your number 5...what do you mean? What about running the race just to get the awesome t-shirt? :) Maybe that was just me for today's insanely expensive 10 miler that I registered for....

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  4. I recently ran a marathon as a training run for an upcoming marathon. I ran it slow and IT WAS GREAT for me. This was the 2nd time I've run a full for fun, as a slow training run. Have you tried it? If not, give a "fun run" a try, yes it's expensive, but a different type of fun.
    I have friends who think it's a crazy concept too. They can't imagine a race without "all out racing." I'm glad I can.

    Agree - the volunteers are truly AMAZING! Love them!

    Garmin - gotta have it!

    Yeah - I throw the trophies away, but the medals on ribbons, I can't part with. Weird!

    Socks - got to have my DryMax socks.
    Running skirts - LOVE them, but it's REALLY hard for me to find one that "works"

  5. I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!!
    Love your opinions!!! So true!
    I saw that you will be going to boston and doing the blogger meet-up....can't wait to meet you:)

  6. hey i just found you through misszippy's sidebar for the boston meet up.

    as a skirt fan, i'm with you on the overly matchy catastrophes that i've seen. i feel like they can be more tastefully done. its easy to find ones that don't scream "look at me!"

    i too ran for a long time without a garmin and got mine as a present. it doesn't solve the world's problems but it does provide interesting information. i like to go on garmin-less runs just to remind myself that its not a necessity.

  7. I literally found this blog like a year late. Anyways, I agree haha- I'm just excited to find another runner without a garmin!