Thursday, October 14, 2010

For real this time?

I have to confess...I did not run the last 2 days, and I at a whole bunch of crap.  As a a result, I now feel like total garbage.  The 4 mile run I just slogged through was also total garbage.  But in some way, I'm kind of glad I had that major slack session.

I think the best part of not training for anything is just being able to do what I feel like, and if that means lying on the couch eating handfuls of white chocolate chips (pshh who would do that?!), then that's what I'll do.  And inevitably, a day or two later I feel absolutely disgusting and it helps jolt me back to the reality that I actually do LOVE running, being active, having goals, and eating well.  So what does this mean now?

I have my sights set on a 50 K in the Marin headlands on December 18.  It's probably not in my best interest to attempt my first Ultra a few weeks before kicking off my training for Boston, but I didn't get to do that 50K I wanted to in August, and I think it would be a perfect way to round out what has definitely been the best running year of my life.  It also means I'm going to run 18 miles after work tomorrow. YIPEEE!!!

Friday afternoons have become "find a new trail" time for Mike and me.  Last week we drove down to Millbrae and ran 8 glorious miles on the Sawyer Camp Trail.  It was BEAUTIFUL and I loved that every half mile was marked!  Definitely not the last time we do that...

Very peaceful and relaxing.  Apparently it's a crazy mad house on weekends, so it was nice to run it at such a perfect time.

AND...some big news in the family: my dad qualified for Boston on Sunday (at the Portland Marathon) so we will be running it together in April!  We've talked about this since I first started running marathons 5 years ago, so I'm more than a little excited!  Congratulations, Dad!


  1. Wow, how cool to run a marathon with your dad! Especially Boston!!

  2. It's funny when you start to crave a run more than a handful of chocolate chips. You know you're a true runner when that happens.

    Wow, running a 50K and then Boston with your dad? That's exciting news. Keep going strong!

  3. What a memorable time you will have in Boston. You are a very lucky girl to be able to run it with your dad!!

    I am trying to convince my dad to try and qualify for Boston 2012 (since that is my new goal too) so we can run together.