Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My weekend

I DID bake over 120 cupcakes for a wedding on Saturday night. (Really! You can read about it here)  I DID NOT have very much self-control when surrounded by frosting for said cupcakes.

I DID manage to squeeze in a 5 mile run on Saturday before heading to the wedding.  I DID NOT stop at 2 glasses of wine at the wedding like I told myself I should.

Wedding reception with all 80s music + a bunch of friends from college = not the healthiest weekend

I DID have a teeny little hangover on Sunday morning.  I DID NOT run my scheduled 12 miles.  Ooops.

I DID eat donuts (plural) on Sunday morning.  I DID NOT feel guilty about it...until my Boston confirmation popped up in my Inbox on Monday!

In college weekends like this were the norm...and it makes me really happy that they aren't usually like that anymore.   My mileage has been around 30-35 miles a week lately, which I really need to step up so I'm ready for the Pfitz 12/70 plan (which starts at 55 mpw) in January.  I'm also trying to cook more vegan meals because I've found that the fewer animal products I eat, the better I feel.  (I don't think I'll be going completely vegan anytime soon though...give up cheese?  Probably not possible)

1 comment:

  1. First - those cupcakes are great! :) They look amazing and you definitely deserved to sneak a few extra!

    Second - no one can really judge you for not giving up cheese...cheese is awesome!