Sunday, December 20, 2009

LA Marathon Training Week 2

I gotta be honest, I've kind of felt like an imposter when I title posts with "Marathon Training" because running less than 20 miles a week really doesn't feel like marathon training. But fortunately, my 9 mile run this morning made me feel a little bit more like a real runner again.

I wasn't expecting much, since I ate a big dinner of taquitos, chile relleno casserole, apple pie, and ice cream (it was a holiday get-together with my husbands family), but I felt surprisingly good this morning! I popped out of bed at 7:30, ate a banana, and hit the road. I'm still living in the Dark Ages (with just a watch and Garmin) so I had mapped out route that included a few hills (for fun!) and was pretty much exactly 9 miles.

I didn't really check my watch during the run, but was overjoyed to wind up back at my front door in 1:14:11 (8:15 pace!) That's my marathon goal pace, and it felt really good. I knew I was pushing a little, but never felt like I was running a pace I couldn't maintain for a few hours.

So here's how the week ended up:

Tuesday - 4 miles

Thursday - 4 miles

Saturday - 3 miles

Sunday - 9 miles (8:15 pace)

Total: 20 miles

I also did my 8 minutes of core work every day except one, when my abs were so sore I could only hold the plank for like 20 seconds.

This week I'm planning on some speed work at the track. Oooh boy!

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  1. I am living in the dark ages too. I use to map out a route and I wear my Timex Ironman Triathlon watch. I have no desire to get a garmin. Not yet anyway... maybe 2010 will be different.