Monday, December 14, 2009

LA Marathon Training Week 1

Well, my sister in law is mighty persuasive... I'm now signed up for the LA Marathon in 14 weeks. YIKES.

My training was a little light this week, but I have two decent excuses - on Tuesday, we flew from Bangkok to Tokyo to Seattle to Portland, and then on Thursday we drove from Portland to San Luis Obispo and were in the car from 5:20 AM to 7:40 PM.

I ran 3 times...
Sunday - 5 miles (in Bangkok, temp = 86 F)

Tuesday (yes, after 18 hours of air travel) - 3.5 in 28:20 (8:05 pace) (in Portland, temp = 12 F)

Friday - 4 miles (in San Luis Obispo, temp = 56 F)

Tuesday's run left me coughing like CRAZY... my body was not prepared for that 74 degree drop in temperature!)

This Sunday I did an easy 7 miles in the rain. I'm definitely going to have to be careful about upping mileage slowly so I don't get injured. LA may not be a BQ race for me, but at least I have a few other chances this year (SF and Portland)!


  1. Welcome back to the states!! And congrats signing up for another marathon!

  2. That's awesome that you are able to get in your run even with travel. Good luck with your training!


  3. YAY LA will be so awesome!!!

    SLO??? I went to school there - LOVE it!