Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid-week med-long

Honestly, when I saw that the Pfitz plan included 11 and 12 mile runs in the middle of the week, I was a little intimidated.  Not only was I worried about finding time when it was light out to run for that long, I wasn't sure how I would handle it mentally or physically.

But now that I've done a couple of those mid-week 11-milers, I've come to LOVE them.  It's nice to get a longer run in on a non-weekend day, and I can tell it's helping my endurance.  Plus it's another opportunity to add to my ridiculously attractive running-shorts-and-socks tan, which is totally awesome for swimsuit season [sarcasm]


  1. Could you give me a good book or place to find out about the Pfitz plan you're using because I can't find anything when I google it.
    I too, am trying to BQ, I'm 10min too long of the 3:40 needed!
    How do you get yourself to run track workouts AND in the MORNING! I know I NEED to but I love the long distance runs.

  2. Don't forget the watch stripe to go along with the sock lines! Hawtness!

    Glad you're enjoying the long runs! When is your race again? I haven't really decided what I'm doing for Chicago training yet (starting next month); I'm very interested to hear what you think of your plan.

  3. J - Buy "Advanced Marathoning" by Pete Pfitzinger...I got it for my birthday and read it cover to cover that day. Life changing!
    Track workouts are tough to love, but I just force myself and I'm starting to like them almost as much as my long runs!

    eatdrinkrun - oooh yeah love that watch tan. My next race is SF Marathon on July 25... I don't know if I'll PR because it's a pretty hilly course (but so was LA and I am excited to see how my time compares to that)