Sunday, May 2, 2010


Does it count as a PR if it's in training and part of a longer run?

If it does, I just beat my previous half marathon PR by a minute and 10 part of a 13.4 mile training run - and it definitely didn't feel like a racing effort! This definitely gives me hope that my speed and fitness are improving, especially since I was taking it really easy the first 7 miles, and just picked it up slightly for the last few.

This was an AWESOME week of training... great mile intervals and a tempo run on the treadmill, a nice relaxing 5 mile run with the hubs last night, and then this perfect run this morning!

Summary of the week:
M - 4.25 miles recovery (8:33 pace)
T - 7 miles w/ 3 1-mile repeats at 6:58 pace
W - 60 minute spin class
Th - 6 miles w/ 4 tempo at 7:24 pace
Sa - 5.2 miles easy (8:15 pace)
Su - 13.4 miles (8:07 pace)

TOTAL: 35.85 miles


  1. Wow! That is incredible for a training run. You have some exciting racing ahead of you for 2010.

  2. Yes it counts! Awesome work!!