Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trail running > Tempo running

I ditched my tempo run yesterday. It was just way too nice a day to run on the treadmill, and I know it's perfectly possible to do tempo runs outside, but the mountain was calling my name.

OK, it's more of a hill. But it's 1200 feet tall, and it's a ton of fun to run up. Plus with that trail 50K coming up in August, I definitely need to practice running on trails. Particularly trails that gain a ton of elevation, because over the course of that race I will be climbing 6,400 feet. YIKES.

The views at the top are pretty amazing:

...and that's one of the 2049380238 reasons I will never live in Florida. Or Delaware. Or any other flat state.

It's only about 2 miles from the start of the trail to the top, so I added a few miles around downtown to make a total run of 6.25 miles. 


  1. What a beautiful view! I'd ditch my TM tempo run too.

    By the way, I find it much easier to do tempo runs on a treadmill where I can control the speed. I do not have a Garmin but once I do, maybe then I can take my tempo runs to the streets.

  2. I agree! I could not live in a state without mountains! I go to Omaha once a year and there isn't ever a beautiful mountain in the distance! Can't wait to hear about your 50k trail run!

  3. Trail running is the best... Not sure about the mountains though! The only hills we have here in Florida are bridges ;)

  4. BEAUTIFUL pics :) that hill looks familiar to me!

  5. I hate hills. I could never live anywhere but in FL =) .. but that is a very beautiful view!