Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run to Rember 5K race report (or, Proof the Track and I Haven't Seen Enough of Each Other Lately)

One word for last night's 5K: disappointing.

I came in at 24:09, but everyone said the course was long. I went home and checked it out on Map My Run, and it was somewhere in the vicinity of a quarter of a mile long, which puts my pace at about 7:12 (which would translate to a 22:23 5K). I REALLY wanted to be under 22, but it just wasn't my night.

This was a TINY race...maybe 50 people. I've done it in the past and there have been a few hundred, but with temperatures in the low 50s, an ominous gray sky, and crazy wind gusts, I'm not surprised a lot of people chose to skip it.

The course starts off right in the middle of campus, goes out around the sports fields and crop science unit, and comes back up a long steady hill back to where it started. There were lots of turns, including one that I missed, and the guy who was supposed to tell me to turn had to yell after me. Apparently that happened to quite a few of the other runners too.

So, I got a nice little reminder that I'm not in fact as in shape as I was hoping I was, and I need more quality track time. It wasn't a total loss though - I got a nice T Shirt and reflective arm band, and it was a decent workout too.

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  1. Wow - long course, unmarked turns, blustery winds, sounds like kind of a disaster all around! Sorry you weren't happy with your time. I know how frustrating that is. Call it a good tempo run and put it behind you - you'll do better next time!