Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ugh, I totally forgot how much harder it is to run when it's hot. This morning wasn't even that hot, I'm just totally acclimated to perfect 60 and partly cloudy, so the sun this morning made it a little tougher than usual.

I'm really proud of this week's training. I had a good track workout Tuesday, and good tempo run Thursday, and a pretty hard 11.3 mile "long" run today. Mike and I sat down the other day and put together a race schedule for the summer, so I'm hoping my speedwork will help me PR.

Summary of the week:

Mon - 3 miles easy
Tues - 1 mile @ 6:34, 4 x 400 (1:32, 1:30, 1:30, 1:28) - 7 miles total
Wed - 30 Day Shred Level 1 (this is still hard with 5 lb weights!)
Thurs - 6 mile run with 4 @ 7:23 pace
Fri - REST!
Sat - 4 miles (8:22 min/mile)
Sun - 11.3 miles (8:03 min/mile)

Total: 31.3 miles

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  1. Its getting hot here in FL too, and I always forget how much the heat sucks :(